A New Look for Noble Naturals

Noble Naturals New Look

A New Look for Noble Naturals. Natural Products Made in California.

A New Look for Noble Naturals. We have a new and exciting product line coming to market just now on the horizon including more natural formulations of  SPF Lip Balms, Skin and Facial Lotions, Soaps, Pain Relief Muscle Rub, and CBD and other Natural Health Care Products including new natural flavors and scents.  And in anticipation we have developed a new product logo. It’s not often that the production manager of a Manufacturing Company gets to be clever and dare I say… Artsy. So…  Here it is. I found my inspiration the last time I darn near downed surfing last year, I leave you our dear clients and customers how that happened.



God I love my job, Production Manager, Shop Mechanic, Electrician, IT Specialist, QC… Surf Wax Engineer.